Basic Active Directory Report PowerShell

Basic Active Directory Report PowerShell


Just a quick post to introduce a very, very basic Active Directory report generated by PowerShell. I wrote a quick & dirty PowerShell script to get some basic information about an Active Directory domain. This can be used to get an overview of an Active Directory domain.The script can be found on GitHub :

Basic Active Directory Report - GitHub

Basic Active Directory Report – GitHub

For now, it’s pretty simple, it will get updated in a few weeks, if you have any idea of anything you would like to be added, you’re very welcome to provide some feedback.

For now, the report will get information about :

  • Users: Disabled, expired, locked, pwddontexpire, etc…
  • Computers: Disabled, OperatingSystem
  • Groups: Admin
  • Group Policy: AllDisabled, empty
  • Domain Controllers : RODC, RWDC, site, IPAddress, OperatingSystem, etc…
  • Sites & subnet list

To be able to run this report, you need to have the ActiveDirectory and GroupPolicy modules. PowerShell 3.0+ is also required.

You can download an output example here: Basic Active Directory Report.

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