Restore Default Domain Policy


You can restore your “Default Domain Controllers Policy” and “Default Domain Policy” if you corrupted, deleted, messed up those.DcGpoFix is the tool you need :

You may need to use the “IgnoreSchema” if you schema is more up to date than your Domain Controller operating system. Then, you need to choose which GPO you want to restore :

  • Domain ==> Default Domain Policy
  • DC ==> Default Domain Controllers Policy
  • Or both of them.

Restore Default Domain Policy

DcGpoFix /IgnoreSchema /Target:Domain
Restore Default Domain Policy

Restore Default Domain Policy

The tool will recreate/repair the GPO’s with the good GUID :

  • Default Domain Controllers Policy = 6ac1786c-016f-11d2-945f-00c04fb984f9
  • Default Domain Policy                   = 31b2f340-016d-11d2-945f-00c04fb984f9

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