Configure VM Compute Resiliency in Windows Server 2016 Cluster with PowerShell


Microsoft shared with us the PowerShell way to customize the cluster resiliency settings in a Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V cluster.



Description Default Values
ResiliencyLevel Defines how unknown failures handled 2 1 – Allow the node to be in Isolated
state only if the node gave a notification and it went away for known reason, otherwise fail immediately. Known reasons include Cluster Service crash or Asymmetric Connectivity between nodes.2- Always let a node go to an Isolated state and give it time before taking over ownership of the VMs.


(Get-Cluster).ResiliencyLevel = <value>

ResiliencyPeriod Duration to allow VM to run isolated (in seconds) 240  0 – Reverts to pre-Windows Server 2016 behavior



 Cluster property:

(Get-Cluster).ResiliencyDefaultPeriod = <value>

 Resource property for granular control:

(Get-ClusterGroup “My VM”).ResiliencyPeriod= <value>

A value of -1 for the resource property causes the cluster property to be used.


QuarantineDuration Duration to disallow cluster node join (in seconds) 7200 0xFFFFFFFF – Never allow node to join (in seconds)



(Get-Cluster).QuarantineDuration = <value>

You’ll find more details here, and here.

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