Improvements in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2


Hereunder a sum-up of improvements announced for Windows Server 2016 TP2 :

Data De-duplication :

  • Volume Size up to 64tb (10tb before) : Multi threading for the dedup job
  • Files size up to 1tb : New dedup algorithm
  • A new PowerShell oneliner for backup usage : Enable-DedupVolume -Volume <volume> -UsageType Backup

Cluster :

  • Rolling upgrade for Hyper-V (TP1) and SOFS (TP2)
  • Virtual machine resiliency for storage outage

Hyper-V :

  • Nano Server
  • Hyper-V Replica with synchronous replication
  • vTPM
  • PowerShell Direct (Invoke-Command -VMName)
  • Shielded VM

Storage Spaces :

  • Storage Spaces Direct : No need for shared storage, allow low cost SOFS/Hyper-V cluster without shared storage
  • Storage Replica synchronous replication
  • Storage QOS manageable by PowerShell and VMM
  • Storage QOS per VHD, per VM, per service or per tenant

PowerShell : See my previous post.

This post will be updated.

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