[Script] Export Mailboxes Statistics


I posted a PowerShell script on the Technet. This script will make an inventory of your Exchange/Office 365 environment and export it to a CSV file :

This is a simple script that export some informations about all mailboxes present in your current Exchange session (can be Exchange or Office 365) :

  1. Name
  2. Total Item
  3. Total Size
  4. Total Size In MB
  5. Inbox Item Count
  6. Inbox Item Size
  7. LastReceive date in Inbox
  8. FirstReceive date in Inbox
  9. Deleted Items Count
  10. Deleted Items Size
  11. Sent Items Count
  12. Sent Items Size
  13. Total Calendar
  14. Total Calendar Size
  15. Contacts Count
  16. LastLogon date
  17. Language

The script display a progress bar indicating the avencement of the process.

Prerequisites :

  1. PowerShell 3 and more
  2. Connected Exchange Session

You’ll find here.


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