Identifies resources hungry VM on Hyper-V


This is a nice PowerShell/Hyper-V feature that allow you to see per VM resources consumptions :

Measure-VM -Name * | Out-GridView -Title “VM Resources Monitor”


That’s nice, right ? Wait, there is more, by default, the “Measure-VM” cmdlet do not display all it knows :

Measure-VM -Name * | Get-Member

So, you can do :

Measure-VM -Name * | Select-Object -Property * | Out-GridView -Title “VM Resources Monitor”

That’s pretty verbose, let’s try something more useful :

Measure-VM -Name * | Select-Object -Property VMName,AvgCPU,AvgRAM,TotalDisk,AggregatedAverageNormalizedIOPS,AggregatedAverageLatency | Out-GridView -Title “VM Resources Monitor”

The only “prerequisites” to that cmdlet is that you enable resources metering on the host :

Enable-VMResourceMetering -VMName *

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