Rds 2012 – Web Access customization – Do not type domain

Hi everyone.

Today I am going to speak about RDS 2012 Web Access Customization. This first tip concerns the login page. You have to type the domain when you try to connect on your RDWA. To override this, you can add some few lines on renderscripts.js file. (C:WindowsWebRDWebPages).

Locate this line:

if ( -1 != strDomainUserName.indexOf("") )

Then paste this code before the line:

if ( strDomainUserName.indexOf("") == -1 )
strDomainUserName = "itfordummies.net" + strDomainUserName;
objForm.elements("DomainUserName").value = strDomainUserName;

If you want, you can delete the word “Domain” from “Domain/Username” on the login page.
Locate L_DomainUserNameLabel_Text string on login.aspx (C:WindowsWebRDWebPagesen-us) and change the value.

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